Set Custom Github Icon to Folder in OS X

There are so many blog post explains the complex process of setting a custom icon for a folder in OS X. Neither I don’t want to run complex scripts nor go through some complex process.

GitHub Folder Icon

I found a simplest solution on the Github by Gregory Zuckerman. I cloned his Github icons repository to my github account. You can find the repository at the following location.

To set custom github icon to a folder in OS X, first clone or download the above repository to your mac. Then run the following command in the cloned or downloaded repository folder using your favourite terminal.

./setfileicon icns/icon.icns /path/to/your/github-folder


Using similar process you can set any custom icon to any folder in OS X.

Using ECMAScript 2015 (ES2015/ES6) with Gulp


Follow the below steps to use ECMAScript 2015 (formerly known as ECMAScript 6) while writing gulp file.

Step 1:

From gulp 3.9 version onwards we can use ECMAScript 2015, so make sure you installed the latest version of gulp into your project.

Check the gulp version before proceeding, run the following command at root of the project to check the currently installed gulp version.

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