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Highlights Of Hyderabad UG Meet 8th Jan 2011

Highlights Of Hyderabad UG Meet 8th Jan 2011

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Hi Everyone,

The UG Meet has started at 10.30 A.M with Sidharth Sehgal’s session on Windows Phone 7 Application Development. Sidarth ‘s session was really an excellent starting point for beginners and it’s a deep dive for who are in WP7 App Development. He has done with couple of demos followed by queries.

After that we had a small coffee break. Next Praveen Saxena started with WebApp development session using ASP.NET MVC, this is also another exciting session because ASP.NET MVC is another alternative for existing ASP.NET WebForms for .NET Web App developers, Praveen has done with the session and all the user queries, I too answered one or two queries 🙂

After all the sessions we had small discussion about future activities of Hyderabad UG in 2011.

Thanks to Harish Ranganathan for arranging the venue and supporting all the for UG activities, Thanks to the PhaniKumar for being with us for the event, Thanks to Abhijit Jana for coming from Microsoft Gachibowli campus in spite of busy schedule.

Finally Thanks to everyone who attended UG Meet made it successful. I Hope Hyderabad UG will continue its future activities with the same spirit.

Snaps of the event @ FB Page

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