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Highlights Of MUGH Community Meet

Highlights Of MUGH Community Meet

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Hi Everyone,

Today Microsoft User Group Hyderabad community meet started at 10.15 A.M with with Abhijit Jana’s session on “ASP.NET Request Processing Internals”. Abhijit talked about how request processing happens in IIS level to ASP.NET Application Level, how ASP.NET Application runs with in VS IDE , then moving to IIS, Different Components of IIS like HTTP.SYS, SVCHOST, WWW Publishing Services, WAS along with there roles in ASP.NET Request processing.

Next I started my session “Understanding ASP.NET MVC” with bit excitement as this is my first session in Microsoft Campus. I started with what’s ASP.NET, ASP.NET WebFroms model & weakness of ASP.NET WebForms. Then jumped into Introduction of ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET MVC Request processing model, Framework goals followed by a small demo. By the end of my session people are ready to fire lot of questions on ASP.NET WebForms vs ASP.NET MVC. I am done with Q&A. After my session we had a small 10 mins coffee break.

Next session is on Microsoft Surface by Saad. While session is going Harish joined with us. Next session is on SharePoint debugging by Kirshna. Before the closing note we announced three lucky winners of free telerik premium collection worth 1999$.

Community Meet was successful. Attendee count was more than the expected count in spite of abnormal weather condition. Thanks to all for making the event successful!

Special thanks to Harish, Sudhakar, Phani, Abhijit, Pranav.

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  • srikar says:

    Nice….Thanks a lot for d pics…and wonderful talks by evryone thanks a lot…Hope we shall meet once again and have tech talks as soon as posssible:)