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Join Tech Ed India 2012 Live

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Catch TechEd Online!
Unable to make it to the tech event of the year? Do
not worry! We’ve got you covered with TechEd Live!
Get a real-time experience of the hottest action at
TechEd India 2012-live streaming of keynote
addresses, demos, technical tracks and more-right
where you are.
A must see for all, including developers and
administrators. Learn about new and exciting
developments in Windows Phone, Windows Azure,
Visual Studio 2011, Windows 8 and other
cutting-edge technologies.
Register now!
Watch TechEd Live unfold!
Register for TechEd Live!
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For the first time, TechEd Live unveils a cool new channel for tech enthusiasts, students and hobbyists. It covers the latest platforms and technologies that Microsoft is working on.Find more on this hip new channel!
Click here for a sneak preview of TechEd Live!

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