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My Experience at Microsoft TechEd India 2011

My Experience at Microsoft TechEd India 2011

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Microsoft Tech·Ed India 2011 is the premier technical education and networking event for tech professionals interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. This 3-day event will focus on technical education, product evaluation and community. The event will include: Keynotes by Senior Microsoft Executives, Breakout Sessions, Hands-on-Labs, Instructor-led Labs, Product Team Tents, Free Microsoft Certification, Community Programs, Solution Expo, and many more social gatherings and opportunities for networking everywhere you look.

I was waiting for this event from long time , it’s a great experience to attend this event.

Day 1 started with registration, I expected a long queue but luckily we had a separate desk for Community Lead & MVPS. Entered into venue after finishing registration formalities, I met Abhishek Sur (MVP – Client App Dev) , mean while my friend Pranav joined with me, we went into TechEd Expo gone through all the stall & met few old friends in expo. It’s around 11.45 A.M, At 12.00 we have a session on “Choosing between ASP.NET WebForms & ASP.NET MVC” by our ASP.NET Guru Harish Ranganathan (Technology Evangelist – Microsoft). I want to attend session but unfortunately I couldn’t do that, I was suppose to attend meet up with MVPS & Community Leads, It’s nice to meet all the technology experts at one place, Everyone introduced them self, we had nice discussion about MVP & Community activities. Followed by session we had our lunch. In lunch me & pranav had nice talk with Aaron Skonnard (Pluralsight CEO). After we had a round table with Yousef Khalidi (DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER, RD Mgmt) on Windows Azure Platform, discussions went around features, feedbacks etc. Day 1 ended with our Hyderabad community folks & mvps with discussions of future Hyderabad community activities.

Yousef Khalidi
Harish Ranganathan

Day 2 started with meeting few more mvps Dhananjay , Eshwar, Suprotim Agarwal. Next session is on HTML 5 by Harish Vaidyanathan (Director – DPE Microsoft). He shown few demos of HTML5 & CSS3, It’s nice talk on HTML5 specs, timelines, implementations & Microsoft commitments towards HTML5. After lunch Harish Dragged 🙂 me into a session on Extending IIS7+ by Madhur Joshi, he is the guy from ASP.NET team , cool demos on extending functionalities of IIS7+. Followed by the session we had roundtable with Bharat Shyam (GENERAL MANAGER, RD – Developer Experience) about Windows Azure Platform, Brian Hall (General Manager, IE & Windows Live) about new browser IE9. Next I met my favorite SQL Evangelist Vinod Kumar. Day 2 ended with a party for community folks & MVPS , nice party I spoke to all my favorite Evangelists Saranya Sriram, Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu, Aviraj Ajgekar etc.

Harish Vaidyanathan
Brian Hall

Day 3 Abhijit Jana joined with us, we spent our time in recording interviews of MVP’S & Experts, discussion, Harish Ranganathan on HTML5 App Development using Visual Studio 2010, Discussion on Office with Rajiv Kumar-IDC etc. In Evening exciting funny program Stump the speaker :), special & last attraction to the event Anil Kumble, closing note by Stuti Shukla (Director of Marketing – Microsoft India) , that’s end of show.

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It was an awesome and great to be there at TechEd. Thanks to Microsoft for the event.

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