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New Reuters Apps ranked No. 1 in the iTunes App Store

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I invite you to download the innovative Reuters news apps for the iPhone and iPad, ranked Number 1 for free news apps, in the iTunes App store.

The new apps were designed from the ground up expressly with the mobile user’s news consumption habits in mind, focusing on putting news stories into context with a rapid flow of news, analysis and market data. That means Reuters articles will be part of a news stream surrounded by the latest related content—from background articles to photography and video to social media—giving users access to a more complete story than they’ve ever experienced.  And with these apps, Thomson Reuters unique wealth of financial data, graphs and charts are just one tap away.


Among the highlights, you’ll be able to:

  • View all stories surrounded by related content, so you can dig deeper into the topics you care about and find the beginning, middle and end all in one place.
  • Create a watchlist of topic streams and companies, and save stories for later.
  • Easily swipe through to different streams you’ve opened or are following.
  • Get financial data on a company in any region, chart it’s performance over a period of time and compare it to competitors.
  • Easily share on Twitter, Facebook and via email.
  • Read all loaded streams and saved stories while offline.

Download the Reuters apps here.

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